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Hi, I'm Derek (Coach D) Noonan, and I'm a proud father of three wonderful children - Lincoln, Nathaniel, and Irelynn. I've been training in martial arts for over 13 years now and currently hold a purple belt under Fernando Zulick of Action Reaction MMA. In addition to this, I also wrestle at Central Toronto Wrestling club, and I regularly compete on the world stage in grappling for my age and level.

Growing up, I had always been involved in sports, playing hockey and lacrosse my whole life. However, as a child, I struggled with being overweight and lacked confidence. Despite being born into a supportive and loving family, I was always self-conscious, and this only worsened when I hit my teenage years. Unfortunately, I became a troubled youth who got into a lot of trouble, made bad decisions, and hung out with the wrong crowd.

But when I turned 25, I knew it was time to make a change and get my life on track. I started training seriously in martial arts and physical fitness, and this was the turning point for me. It helped me develop mental and physical fortitude, which gave me a sense of purpose and well-being. By listening and watching my parents and grandparents' work ethic, I was able to push myself beyond my perceived limits and finally find myself.

Looking back, my journey has inspired me to create BattleReady Performance. At BattleReady Performance, we're passionate about creating confident young individuals and giving them the tools they need to identify situations and make the right decisions. I want to pass on the importance of confidence and fitness to kids at a young age, and show them that when they push themselves beyond their limits, they can overcome life's challenges and build mental and physical resilience.

I firmly believe that fitness and confidence are the key to a healthy and successful life. It helps to develop mental fortitude and confidence in oneself, which is crucial for navigating different situations in life. From the classroom to the schoolyard to the playing field, we aim to teach our students the ethos of pushing beyond their limits and building their self-confidence.

At BattleReady Performance, we're dedicated to creating a community that fosters growth, both mentally and physically. We welcome anyone who wants to learn and grow with us, and we look forward to helping your child become the best version of themselves.